We Don't Match Other Prices, We Beat Them!

We Don't Match Other Prices; We Beat Them, Let us Check For You!


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We know that you have better things to do than trawling through the web to find the lowest price and subsequently worrying about it being an inferior product, or the company not living up to their promises. 

At Livewell Today we guarantee to not only beat comparable prices but also give you the very best customer service. 

If you find one of our products cheaper on another retailer's website, we will beat that price.

You don't even need to check other companies websites.

If you have been using another retailer and always find them to be the cheapest, simply give us a call with their details, and while you are on the phone, we will 'live' check them, and beat any like for like price. 

Our customers are our best form of advertising.

Price is important, but looking after our customers is more so. We know that by promising both, our customers will keep coming back and hopefully will recommend Livewell Today to family and friends. In a few years, we are hoping to stop mainstream advertising altogether and reduce prices even more!

We check the following when beating competitors prices

  • They are UK retailers selling to consumers
  • The competitors' product price that includes delivery.
  • The competitors' price is like for like and in stock, (same colour and model).
  • The competitor's product must not be part of any promotional activity specific to their outlet, e.g. we are unable to award the Price Promise if the item is included in a clearance, sale, buy one get one free offer or any other discount that has been applied to the product.
  • A Price Promise cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer that we have running at that time.
  • If you find one of our products, within 3 days of purchase, cheaper after buying we will refund more than the difference.

Please give us a call. Or if you prefer to drop us an email with all the details on at [email protected] and we will get back to you.

You have nothing to lose by giving us a call!

Our price match is part of our Livewell Today Care Promise that we make to all our customers. Please click HERE to find out more.