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  1. Livewell Shopper

    Livewell Shopper

    Inc VAT £516.00

    7.5 mile range, 4mph top speed, simple Click to Split system, height adjustable seat

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  2. ST1 Boot Scooter

    ST1 Boot Scooter

    Inc VAT £538.80

    4 Mph top speed, 6 mile range, delta bars, weight capacity 18 Stone

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  3. ST1-D Mobility Scooter

    ST1-D Mobility Scooter

    Inc VAT £586.80

    6 Mile range, top speed of 4mph, high ground clearance, lightweight and easy to dismantle.

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  4. Scout 3 Wheel

    Scout 3 Wheel

    Inc VAT £599.00

    The Scout 3 has a range of 10 miles, and top speed of 4 Mph, it is light weight, and ideal for fitti...

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  5. Scout 4 Mobility Scooter

    Scout 4 Mobility Scooter

    Inc VAT £606.00

    The Scout 4 has a 10 mile range, Delta Bars, airline friendly batteries and splits into 5 parts feat...

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  6. Scout 20 Scooter

    Scout 20 Scooter

    Inc VAT £682.80

    13 mile range, 20 stone weight limit, Delta Bars and a variable speed control up to 4mph.

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  7. Prism 3 Mobility Scooter

    Prism 3 Mobility Scooter

    Inc VAT £709.20

    Highly manoeuvrable with a single front wheel, 18 stone capacity, 10 mile range

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  8. Prism 4 Scooter

    Prism 4 Scooter

    Inc VAT £718.80

    3 colours, top speed of 4mph, a distance of 10 miles, 4 wheels, splits to 5 parts

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  9. ST3 Livewell Travel

    ST3 Livewell Travel

    Inc VAT £838.80

    11 Mile range, rear suspension, extra padded seat and LED lights.

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  10. Prism Sport Scooter

    Prism Sport Scooter

    Inc VAT £880.80

    The Prism Sport will travel 12 miles and has variable speed control of up to 4mph, it is ideal aroun...

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  11. The Dune Scooter

    The Dune Scooter

    Inc VAT £1,089.60

    Rear suspension, patented one hand easy splitt mechanism and 13 mile range

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  12. Envoy 4 Mobility Scooter

    Envoy 4 Mobility Scooter

    Inc VAT £1,198.80

    Pavement legal 4mph scooter with 30-mile range and weight capacity of 160kg (25st)

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  13. Envoy 6 Mobility Scooter

    Envoy 6 Mobility Scooter

    Inc VAT £1,380.00

    6mph scooter, 30-mile range, weight capacity of 25 stone, engineered delivery included

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  14. Envoy 8+ Mobility Scooter

    Envoy 8+ Mobility Scooter

    Inc VAT £1,702.80

    30 mile range, 8mph top speed, hydrolic tiller, lights, suspension, engineeded delivery include...

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  15. Viper Scooter

    Viper Scooter

    Inc VAT £1,794.00

    A top Speed of 8mph and a maximum range of 25 miles with alround suspension

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  16. Ambassador Scooter

    Ambassador Scooter

    Inc VAT £2,103.60

    All round suspension, 25 / 30-mile range, 25 stone weight capacity, hydraulic tiller, front lig...

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  17. ST5D Mobility Scooter

    ST5D Mobility Scooter

    Inc VAT £2,556.00

    25 miles, top speed of 8mph LED touch controls, All round suspension, 28 stone weight capacity

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  18. Cobra Mobility Scooter

    Cobra Mobility Scooter

    Inc VAT £2,602.80

    30 mile range, 28 stone capacity, led lighting, all round suspension, engineered delivery included.

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  19. Smart Fold Electric Scooter

    Smart Fold Electric Scooter

    Inc VAT £2,749.20

    Electric fold, 6 Mile range, 4Mph top speed, 18 Stone capacity, free coach travel

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  20. Sport Rider Scooter

    Sport Rider Scooter

    Inc VAT £3,240.00

    All round suspension, motorbike styling and up to 31-mile range make this scooter ideal for the...

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  21. Royale 3 Scooter

    Royale 3 Scooter

    Inc VAT £3,288.00

    32 mile range, 29 stone weight capacity, digital dash, all round suspension, included premium delive...

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  22. Royale 4

    Royale 4

    Inc VAT £3,408.00

    32 mile range, digital dash, 29 stone capacity, all round suspension, Premium delivery included

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  23. King Cobra Mobility Scooter

    King Cobra Mobility Scooter

    Inc VAT £3,594.00

    The King Cobra has a 32-mile range and can carry a maximum of 200kg (32st) at speeds up to 8Mph

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